Lola interviewing Lee

So here I am, Lee and I meeting for the first time with such a title as internship- so we got straight down to business. Initially discussing the history of Leidenshaftlich Lernen, where it came from where their philosophies stemmed from, moving onto their achievements  and further on to their future intentions. When a clear picture was painted and any number of questions answered we moved onto their internship program that I will betatest as their first intern.

And as a first activity I decided ot interview Lee:


What is it about volunteering with you that makes it a win-win for both?

I want to shout out total freedom at first thought, because it’s really about self-directed learning, having freedom to find out what you want and ‘autonomy support’. There is no such thing as extrinsic motivation so all I can ask you is, what do you want to do today. And I think that internships are the best way to grow in your professinal life. It can be done at any age and should, why? Because in the future nothing is as important as learing new things. People who can start from zero are best prepared for the future challengen. We try to implement this and our Internships can be your vehicle to find your way into the economy.


What do you expect from the internship?

First we want to build great relationships with the individual. Secon we’re also looking for people to join our team, if they choose to stay on. It also goes hand in hand with our mission and philosophy of giving young people opportunities and seeing them flourish.


So do I make tea or coffee when I come into the office?

As you may have noticed in the description of our internship you are not here to brew coffee but to learn new things and to grow, shine and share.


Are you actually interested in my project?

Yeah! It’s exciting to see a youg person who’s not lost their curiosity, to follow them and actually support them! And I really want to see this plastic boat come to life 😀


Do you hope for a chain reaction of interns now?

Haha, not really We’re going to see how it works with one for now.

Thank you for the interview

My pleasure!

Schule des Lebens opens in Bavaria

It all started in the summer of 2012. Christoph Schuhmann had asked his class in physics lesson, what comes to his student’s minds with the word “learning”. To his astonishment, the majority of students associated negative values ​​such as “duty”; “stress”, “It is necessary”, “I I don’t do it, I will end up on the street”.

Christoph inquired if his colleagues had similar experiences. His colleagues confirmed that many students do not like to learn but rather feel that it is a burden.

Christoph then searched the Internet for alternative school concepts and found them.
Thus the idea of ​​Schools of Trust was born and also the idea of ​​the “school of life”.

Since school start-ups in Germany are absolutely possible but require a lot of responsibility and courage, the particular difficulty was to find the right team of passionate parents to start the school.

It took five years but then everything went very fast.
A start-up initiative from Hendungen, Bavaria was ready to open doors but challenged by bureaucratic hurdles. The founding team wrote an e-mail to Christoph with an invitation and an offer to join the team as headmaster.

It took only a month for Christoph to rearange his plans and decide to move to Bavaria, his family to join later on.

We are now more than happy to see a new free school has opened and joins the growing network of alternative and democratic schools in Germany.

We wish them a good start and a continuing flow of creativity and liberation through their rooms at all stages wether they are struggling, flourishing or hopefully expaning.

More info:

Leidenschaftlich Lernen launched new project – Children of Love



“I want my children to know, that I will always love them – no matter what.


I want them to go out and explore the world without the fear of not being good enough or doing ‘something wrong’.


I want my children to feel deep inside, that they are – and always will be – worthy of love.
Not because they are well behaved or successful, but because I deeply believe in their good human nature.”






My name is Christoph Schuhman.
I am a teacher and filmmaker from Hamburg, Germany. Before Children of Love, I produced the documentary Schools of Trust. A film about schools, where children really love to learn. So far, it reached many thousands of people and inspired 11 school start up groups across the world.
This year I started a successful crowdfunding campaign for Children of Love.

As a teacher and father I see everyday how important it is, to give unconditional love to our children.


Helping our children to flourish is the most important thing in our lives.
With this project, I want to collect the knowledge of the world´s leading psychologists, scientists and thinkers to inspire millions of people around the world and to make their families happier.