Schule des Lebens opens in Bavaria

It all started in the summer of 2012. Christoph Schuhmann had asked his class in physics lesson, what comes to his student’s minds with the word “learning”. To his astonishment, the majority of students associated negative values ​​such as “duty”; “stress”, “It is necessary”, “I I don’t do it, I will end up on the street”.

Christoph inquired if his colleagues had similar experiences. His colleagues confirmed that many students do not like to learn but rather feel that it is a burden.

Christoph then searched the Internet for alternative school concepts and found them.
Thus the idea of ​​Schools of Trust was born and also the idea of ​​the “school of life”.

Since school start-ups in Germany are absolutely possible but require a lot of responsibility and courage, the particular difficulty was to find the right team of passionate parents to start the school.

It took five years but then everything went very fast.
A start-up initiative from Hendungen, Bavaria was ready to open doors but challenged by bureaucratic hurdles. The founding team wrote an e-mail to Christoph with an invitation and an offer to join the team as headmaster.

It took only a month for Christoph to rearange his plans and decide to move to Bavaria, his family to join later on.

We are now more than happy to see a new free school has opened and joins the growing network of alternative and democratic schools in Germany.

We wish them a good start and a continuing flow of creativity and liberation through their rooms at all stages wether they are struggling, flourishing or hopefully expaning.

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