Plenty promising school startups in Germany

Starting a school is a long and difficult process and demands for a deeply committed team of founders. In Germany we still see high regulatory challenges both for the educational concept as well as from architectural norms. Startup initiatives for free schools have to be engaged in many different professional fields on top of the already quite intense process of just planning their school.

But the reward is a wonderful, rich satisfaction of having created something that really matters. When years of planning, negotiating, learning and stress are over and a new school opens, our hearts are beating. Schools of Trust ends with the final words:

“it’s incredibly important, once we’ve come to the realisation “this is the right type of school for my children” that we find a way to make it possible.”

Already over 20 initiatives, inspired by Schools of Trust are founded to start free schools in Germany.

We prepared a map and a lot of information for startups on the Schools of Trust website: Link