Hackathon for Schools of Trust free release

It’s one of these days in the year, when people in Berlin-Neukölln dare to go out with no jacket. Sometimes their bet is wrong and they get caught by a cold wind in the afternoon or even thunder. But this day it’s a warm and beautiful spring day.

We meet at 11am in the loft of our friends from leef. Christoph wasn’t able to come because he has to take care of his family in Russia but me and Thomas are in the best moods. First because we haven’t seen each other for a long time and it’s always a pleasure to work together, second because we are planning the free release of Schools of Trust.

As always we have more ideas then time and manpower to execute them all so we negotiated wisely how we can get the best out of this day.



12am. I am on the street outside drawing with chalk on the ground so that people find their way. Thomas’ friend Giovanni, a young business consultant, joins and does the test run for our welcome procedure. He gives essential

input and we are glad he joined early. Our little cinema is no up and running, so that every new guest can watch the trailer of Schools of Trust if he hasn’t seen it yet.

I call our beverage sponsors Brlo and Ostmost to check if everything is fine and it turns out that both of them forgot our order. So it was a good decision to call them early.

1pm. Leon’s friend Willy joins and we discuss the past of our efforts bringing new forms of education to life in Germany. We are very happy to see that so many initiatives where inspired by schools of trust to create their own school. My phone is ringing and Ostmost is delivering the finest local Apfelschorle, Rhabarberschorle and appleciders, yummy.

2pm. We are discussing the only campaign and start working on the slogan and wording. Brlo is delivering their famous tasty Pale Ale and German IPA. Time for another picture.

3pm and we are still alone. Probably because other people are working. We realize that not enough people are living a nomadic (knowmadic) lifestyle and to many sign work contracts with low freedom.

4pm and Jeff surprisingly knocking the door. He is very motivated to help the campaign and gives us a lot of good feedback and together we are coming closer and closer to the final slogan. We decide to go shopping to have some snacks for the evening.

5pm Anthony, our grandpa and geek is joining bringing his dragon’s eggs branded by his friend with beautiful logos of Schools of Trust and Free to be me. Everybody wants to try it out.

6pm More guests show up and as a first action of the evening are invited to watch the trailer. After watching it they are so inspired that they talk for half an hour in average and give us important feedback.

7pm Our intern Lola is late because she had to convince her friends to come and now they are happy to get a drink in our cozy loft. Also food is being prepped now.

8pm The first family is coming and we need some paper and paint to make our free release pr party a little simultaneous art exhibition. The loft turnes into an atelier. The tension in the air is rising because everybody knows it’s almost time.

9pm After a long day of preparing the campaign and asking for feedback we are now in the lasts steps, arranging a skype broadcast with Christoph and having a little key-note.
Everybody is excited, food is almost ready, Christophs key-note is wonderful and now the showdown is coming.

10pm 10; 9; 8; 7; 6; 5; 4; 3; 2; 1; “Bring the Spaß zurück” (Bring back the fun) is launched and in 15 days, on April 1st 2017, the film Schools of Trust will be published on the internet.


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