Can you call this internship?

It was a pleasure working with and being the very first intern of Leidenschlaftlich Lernen.
At first I was intrigued for giving something towards the push of alternative learning, an issue I am personally very interested in.
And then I was told I would be given a hand in push starting my own start up! I should make more of their modesty in this statement, it isn’t just a hand but a full on high give. Teaching, in I suppose you would say an alternative way, but also showing me how to work and figure it out for myself. I’d like to say I had an idea of what I wanted yet they drew the broad outline through as many educated suggestions as they could muster. They deliver.

My personal gain from all this, which I will take with me even after this project, is the knowledge learnt. They filled what I lacked, which in my case was the business side of things. But aside from all the formal knowledge, these are real people with real opinions who have the ability to scrap the bull whilst maintaining the human ability to think laterally.

It’s also great fun! I was lucky enough to be based in Gozo with Leon where we could work with the view of Marsalforn valley and I can say we both made a new friend, besides having a chance to talk about discoveries, ideas and last night’s party. I also managed to make it to the launch party of releasing ‘Schools of Trust’ for free. Here is where I met the rest of the team in neukolln, in Berlin. I made home made pizza, brought some friends and there was even a countdown!

I wish to make it clear: it’s good fun, giving to a good cause and you end up getting more in return.

Lola was doing an internship for 3 weeks and helped us organizing the event and got a first insight in our work.
Find out more about our internship program here: Download Pdf