Children of Love

Raising happy and confident children is a parent’s biggest challenge, but greatest reward.

Our new project aims to provide the best research based content and resources for parents to help them make their families happier.


In Summer 2016 we interviewed 22 leading researchers and scientists of the fields of neuroscience, psychology and sociology.

Prof. Dacher Keltner – UC Berkeley
Alfie Kohn – “Unconditional Parenting”
Prof. Ellen Langer – Harvard University
Richard Ryan – “The Oxford Handbook of Human Motivation”
Edward Deci – University of Rochester
Prof Wendy Grolnick – University of Worcester
Peter Gray – Boston College
James Pennebaker – University of Texas
Michael Steger – Colorado State University
Tal Ben-Shahar – thaught the 2 largest classes in Harvard´s history
Sugata Mitra – TED Prize winner 2013
Michelle Charffen (MD from Havard Medical School)
Avi Assor and Guy Roth – Ben-Gurion University
Yaacov Hecht – Democratic School Hadera
Sophie Havighurst – University of Melbourne
Nantje Otterpohl – University of Gießen
Medhi Djela – Center for D+R of Haptonomy



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