Our Mission

Spread self-directed education
and unconditional love
to the hearts and minds world wide.



We are a small nonprofit organization founded in 2012 in Hamburg, Germany.

Our purpose is the promotion of self-directed education and research. We want to enable children, young people and adults to have a free education and education based on participation, self-determination and freedom.

Furthermore we want to produce and provide content and information from the world of scientific research such as psychology, neuroscience and humanities and make it acessible and understandable for everyone.

In order to fulfill the purpose of the Association, we focus on our 10 main obilgations:

  1. The sponsorship of schools and institutions of child and youth welfare (for example for childcare)
  2. Promotion and dissemination of good practice in the field of education, training and parenting by:
  3. Creation of information and content products, videos, marketing campaigns, manuals, books, teaching materials,
  4. Alignment of conferences, seminars and lectures for the general public and in particular for pupils, teachers, parents, academics, entrepreneurs, art and culture-makers and tought-leaders, who are engaged in the field of education,
  5. Providing and maintenance of a database with information on experiences in education,
    legislation in the field of education and relevant research,
  6. Development and coordination of a global project exchange program for children, young people and adults,
  7. Implementation of research projects in the field of education (Education, psychology and pedagogy)
  8. Publications on different forms and areas of education.
  9. Collaborating and disseminating research work that examines the value of interest- and strength-oriented education and
  10. Providing consulting and information to help ministries and other decision-makers to acknowledge the value of self-directed and free education.