Our Philosophy

Leidenschaftlich Lernen – if you are able to pronounce this tongue-twister properly, you  are possibly german.
Lernen may sound familiar and it’s english meaning is simply ‘to learn’. Leidenschaft is the german word for ‘passion’ and the meaning is very similar. Passion (from the Greek verb πασχω meaning to suffer) is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiam or desire for something which is not there yet.

We found that leidenschaftlich lernen (passionate learning) is the core of what we are standing for. We believe in the importance of learning new knowledge and we promote to do so a life long.
The best way of learning new is learning only things that come from within the learner. We ourselfs are very passionate learners when we can uncover knowledge that deeply inspires us.

We had no to little experience producing a documentary, when we started Schools of Trust.  It was a very ‘leidenschaftliches Lernen’ that helped us to achive our goal. Without that deep involvement and passion for filmmaking and education it would not have been possible for us to stand the long and tough way bringing birth to an independently produced documentary.

Passion as an emotion is more related to romantic relationships. But isn’t it exactly this feeling of being fully present and connected that we also see when we are in the flow with a materialistic passion, learning, music, art, creating something? And whilest being in this deep connection and mindfulness state of mind we gain tremendous experience We accumulate all the artistry needed to create something out of on idea and form it into that creation that we intended.

Leidenschaftlich Lernen was founded to help passionate learning be found and experienced by all people. We want to help people who lost access to their passions to reignite them. And we want to work for a world with more passionate learning and learners.